Sunday, October 06, 2013

Boh Tong, The Popular Blogger

Boh Tong writes stories about cabin crews.  He writes on their colourful love lives.  He is good at collecting gossips and turning them into engaging stories.  Sometimes there are stories about encounters with passengers especially recognisable names.  Since he retired early, he writes blogs to collect advertising revenue.  He also sell consulting service to help crew wannabes to get hired.  Plus he has a pet transport service. 

In short, he has several streams of income to support himself and his beautiful Japanese wife.  I am glad when he occasionally leaves comments on my leave letting me know that he is a regular visitor.  As for me, I write an open diary.  I am not a famous guy, so no one really care about what I do or eat or whatever...  Someday maybe my grandchildren or even great grandchildren may want to find out more about what their fathers did as they are growing up may be able to find bit and pieces in this blog.  I am sure my boys with tell their kids stories of how they grow up.  This will be a database of some of the things we do as a family like having dinner together everyday, going for holidays in Europe, cycling with me in PCN, even catching fish at the reservoir.

My blog does not earn much in advertisements since the readership is pathetic.  However, I enjoys the process and discipline of writing.  It is a fun way to occupy myself in the hotel room.  I also write to sharpen my English skills.  So my reward for blogging is numerous.  Since it is not a bestseller, I hope it improves over time.

By the way, Boh Tong's blog is BohTong Please enjoy.


Boh Tong said...

Thanks BL. I think u are doing a good job and your daily input about your life's activities and beliefs will be passed on to your future generation. U don't need revenue from the ads here la cos u are earning a respectable income.

Anonymous said...

I am surprise you know BT and his wife.Did you personally meet BT on SQ flight before?

BookLover said...

Yeah, I now have a lifelong friendship with BT. He helps me out from time to time.